dhmw101_2fa_alOur specialty is your roof, but when it comes to home maintenance, it’s the whole picture that really counts. So as the days get warmer and we head into summer, be sure to run through our Spring Home Maintenance Checklist to make sure you’re ready.

Exterior: Examine wood or hardboard trim and siding for caulk repair, damage, looseness, or missing or broken mortar to brick or stone veneer.

Foundation: During melting or wet weather, inspect basement for dampness or leakage. Sump pump working?

Roof: Check flashing around roof vents, vent pipes and skylights, and valleys. Make sure to clean and clear out your gutters.

Exterior Walls: Check painted surfaces for deterioration or siding in need of preservative.

Cooling System: Remove the cover, evaluate, and service central air conditioning condensor. Don’t forget the humidifier.

Plumbing: Identify missing grout/caulk and repair. Consider replacing old caulk with mildew resistant caulk, and test all plumbing for leaks. Check exterior faucets, hose bibs, and water valves for leakage.

Roof: Visually check for damaged, loose, blistered or missing shingles.

Foundation: Maintain grading to slope away from the foundation walls.