photo, Revelation Roofing,

photo: Revelation Roofing,

To keep your roof in great condition (and thereby extend its life) it’s good to be vigilant with year-round maintenance and checkups.  In the heat of a Colorado summer getting up on your roof may be the last thing you want to do, but it’s nonetheless very important.  Keep our following tips in mind when checking and maintaining your roof this summer.

*As always, safety first.  If you will be working on your roof, let someone know in advance in case you do fall. And, if you are not comfortable with any task, contact a professional roofing company for assistance.

Tips for all Roof Types

  • Check all gutters and downspouts to make sure water is flowing freely.
  • Clean out all roof drains and gutters from spring time flower blossoms.
  • If your roof is over 10 years old or you suspect that your roof is aging badly, inspect it from the ground during an intense wind storm. Look specifically for shingle lift — this is an indication that the shingle adhesive strip is no longer doing its job, exposing your roof to potential leaks and shingle blow off.
  • Moss on your roof can be removed by either sweeping it off while it is wet OR by first applying a roof moss killer product (not “yard moss killer”) available at local hardware stores and then sweeping it off once the moss has been killed.
  • Never walk or sit on your ridge shingles if you have continuous ridge ventilation.
  • Do not pressure-wash your roof.

    Do not pressure-wash your roof.

    Pressure washing your roof: We do NOT recommend pressure washing roofs. If you have asphalt shingles, pressure washing will potentially remove the granules which are the shingle’s sunscreen material. If you lose that sunscreen layer, you are exposing the asphalt shingle to harsh UV rays which will start premature aging and the shingles will become brittle. If you have cedar shingles, pressure washing them will basically remove the top, aged layer making your shingle thinner and also requiring you to treat the newly exposed cedar so it will once again repel rain water.

Flat/Torch Down Roof Tips

  • Due to summer heat, try to do any roof inspections early in the morning when it is cooler so you prevent causing damage to the torch down bitumen.
  • After strong wind storms, inspect your roof for membrane uplift around perimeters and elevation changes.
  • Torch down and hot tar roof surfaces should be checked for deep cracking, similar to alligator skin as this is an indication that the roof is nearing its life expectancy.
  • Every five years, be sure to apply an aluminum-based coating in order to protect the roof from UV degradation.